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Judy Becker, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

I am extremely happy with Airtech’s Ceiling Tile Protectors. Since we have installed the CTPs in both of our restaurants, we have seen a dramatic improvement in terms of time saved on cleaning and replacing ceiling tiles. The CTPs are an affordable solution that will save us money for many years to come.


Amy Bertke, Engineering Project Manager, Wendy’s lnternational, lnc.

Wendy’s Corporate Engineering is pleased to approve AirTech’s Ceiling Tile Protector (CTP) as an approved product for our restaurants. We look forward to working with you as our selected distributor.

Craig Herman, Franchisee, Denny’s (Carolina Coastal Restaurants)

One of the most aggravating problems that restaurant operators face is dusty and dirty ceiling tiles. The biggest cause is dirt being expelled from the ceiling air vents. Your Ceiling Tile Protectors are the trick to solving the problem. We have started to install them to all our problem vents. What a difference they make! No more cleaning! No more replacing tiles! Thanks for a great solution.

Nelson Hockert-Lotz, Domino’s Pizza

We installed ceiling tile protectors in one of our stores almost two years ago and haven’t had to clean the ceiling tiles since. Occasionally we wipe off the plenums with a damp cloth and the protectors do the rest. We recently installed them in our second store and they’re great!

Steve Cwalina, Wendy’s Store Manager

I am happy with the look of the CTP and I am convinced that CTPs will save my store money! I would recommend managers of other stores to try the AirTech diffuser inserts for their ceilings.

John Dillenback, Panera Bread

l would like to say thank you for sending me the Ceiling Tile Protectors for our heating and air conditioning vent system. With the CTPs in place, there is no need to clean the ceiling tiles and it’s one less thing that I need to manage day-to-day.

Greg Gilson, Tim Horton’s

l wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the CTPs I purchased approximately a year ago. I have them installed in three Tim Horton’s stores plus one Wendy’s store. lt has solved the issue of dust collecting on the tiles and keeps the ceilings much cleaner.

James Gorton, Bridgeman Food Companies, Wendy’s

l have been using the Ceiling Tile Protectors for approximately three years and have not had to replace a ceiling tile around the vents due to dirt yet. I have started using them on the cold air returns and in the back of the restaurant with the same results. I will keep on using them as they save time and money.

Dickie Overstreet, Vice President Properties, Food Concepts / Abuelo’s

I represent the Abuelo’s Restaurant group and would like to offer our company’s recommendation for the use of the ceiling tile protectors. With the use of these simple devices we have made our ceilings maintain their appearance much longer. We were cleaning these areas adjacent to our air registers monthly and now this process has been eliminated from the schedule. With the cost of labor continually on the rise, follow our lead and make the CTPs part of your standard packages also and start saving money as Abuelo’s has!

Carl Ferland, Denny’s Franchisee

I want to thank you for bringing the ceiling tile protectors (CTPs) to our attention. They are so easy to snap together and install. They are doing an outstanding job of keeping our ceiling tiles free of dust and dirt. For years we had to clean our tiles on a regular basis, but not anymore.

Mike Kalfayan, Wendy’s Division Maintenance Manager

I like the AirTech CTP. It′s clear, flexible, and it works! I am recommending them to all our franchisees, and I am really pleased with their performance at our corporate stores.