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About Us

AirTech and Our Products

A simple solution to save you money!


Our goal is simple: wherever there are diffusers and ceiling tiles, we will be there to help our customers achieve the cleanliness they desire at a substantially reduced maintenance cost.

Our History

AirTech originally focused on just one product: the Ceiling Tile Protector (CTP). We brought to market a revolutionary product that has been extensively field-tested and approved over the last 10 years. In addition, the AirTech CTP was tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and passed with flying colors. ​The CTP performs so well that we believe it can change the way people clean (or not clean) their offices, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, hospitals and other public buildings.


In 2012, AirTech added FIRE RATED Plastic Air Diffusers, Cold Air Returns, and Plastic Ceiling Tiles to its product line. The great aspect of these new plastic products is that they don’t chip, rust or sweat like standard units. They are also “MRI” safe because they have no metal parts.